A Message for Creatives

Creatives: this one’s for you.

We know why you do what you do.

We know why you get up everyday to pursue your art instead of staying safe in an office job.

We know why you put up with being told your job is “easy” when you know you’re busting your butt 24/7.

We know why you keep hustling through self-doubt, competition, and busy weekends to grow your business.

See, the answer is simple.


Not only do you love what you do (duh!) but you love…love! You know what a blast it is to spend every single weekend with blushing brides and dapper grooms. You know how special it is to share such a momentous day with a happy, growing family. And, be honest, you still tear up at every vow exchange. It’s okay, so do we!

This week at Elm + Ivory has been a flurry of mood boards and meetings as we work to bring the collective to life. It’s been one of those go-to-sleep-at-2am-every-night kind of weeks where inspiration strikes and you don’t want to let it slip through your fingers. Then there’s the caffeine fueled flurry of work the next afternoon quickly followed by, “oh my gosh, is this worth it” later that evening.

The point is: we’ve been there. And we get it.

Want to be surrounded by people who get it? Shoot us a message or inquire about joining the collective. We promise we’ll provide the coffee.


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