Welcome to Elm + Ivory!

Hey new friends!

Welcome to the new blog for Elm + Ivory. We’re a collective of wedding professionals based in Southern Oregon and are so excited you to decided to stop by to check out our work and learn a little bit about what makes this collective so special.

I should probably start with introductions! 

Elm + Ivory is a collective of photographers, videographers, hairstylists, cake decorators, florists, professional bridesmaids, part-time psychologists, happy-dancers, and party-people. We all work together to provide specialized, one-of-a-kind wedding planning for every kind of couple. We take pride in fostering a community of vendors working toward mutual success in the name of love and art.

My name is Micaela, and Elm + Ivory is the love child of my obsession with wedding photography and a really neat undergrad capstone project. As a marketing major we were required to write a formal business plan to graduate, and I knew that whatever I did would be a little unconventional. Since I was a teenager I’ve known that wedding photography was the only thing I wanted to pursue, but sitting alone in a home office, guzzling coffee, and obsessively editing is not what the wedding industry means to me.

You see, I think every business should be focused on three things:

  1. Its people
  2. Its community
  3. Bringing joy with its product/service

These three things are amplified by 100 when it comes to weddings.

Oftentimes, wedding professionals get so bogged down in business details and booking clients that they forget to come up for air and realize how crazy-awesomely-beautiful each and every couple’s wedding can be. I want Elm + Ivory to be a place where vendors come together to relieve some of that pressure and create a totally kick-butt, super beautiful and ultra-fun wedding for all of our equally awesome clients.

Happy brides. Happy wedding vendors. Beautiful Art.

What the heck is there to lose?

Now, we’re not quite off the ground (yet), but we’re excited to be developing our brand and building a community with all of you. Thank you for believing in love. Thank you for believing in community. Thank you for believing in us.

Now get ready to #createcollectively!


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